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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance should we book you? 

A: Due to the nature of birth work and having little ones at home, I only take 2 births per month. Once you decide that you would like to book my services, a non-refundable deposit is due to secure your due date. You can decide to book a doula and/or photographer anytime during your pregnancy. The sooner you are able to secure your due date is best. 

Q: Do you offer or accept payment plans? 

A: YES! This is something that helps clients tremendously and I love being able to break up the investment for them to make it a little easier financially. All of this is discussed when we meet to discuss your birth plans and go over the contract. 

Q: When should we call you?

A: That depends on whether I'm doula-ing and photographing or just doing one or the other. Usually for photography, I request for the the client to let me know once labor has started and I typically arrive to the place of birth once she has reached active labor- usually 4-6 cm and when contractions have been coming about 8 to 5 minutes apart lasting an hour and have been that way for over an hour.

Q: What if my labor is really long? 

A: Once I arrive at a birth, I do not leave unless your labor allows for it. There can be ebbs and flows in labor but I am essentially in it for the long haul. It's part of being committed to birth work. 

Q: Will we meet before the birth? 

A: Absolutely! Meet and greets are important to me and getting a feel for what you envision and how I can best serve you is ideal. We can meet before you decide to sign a contract and hire me and I also like to meet again to hear about your birth plans and discuss anything in particular that you might want captured during that time. 

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